Since July 7, 1959
Palm Ranch Irrigation District
Palm Ranch Mutual Water Co. Ltd. was formed on June 4, 1931 by a group of investors from the Los Angeles area. As a "for profit" company, it was recognized as a corporation, by the State Controller of California in 1935.  In 1959, Palm Ranch Mutual became a public agency and was re-named Palm Ranch Irrigation District, as we know it today. Palm Ranch has a five member Board of Directors, which meets on a monthly basis and employs four full-time personnel.

Palm Ranch Irrigation District is located in the heart of Quartz Hill, California and covers approximately 1500 acres. Palm Ranch has 1600 service connections that are comprised mostly of residential, with a few comercial accounts and one school.  Palm Ranch's ample supply of water is served by four deep wells located at various locations within the District throught nearly 30 miles of pipeline. Palm Ranch uses the Antelope Valley East Kern water agency (AVEK) for supplemental water during the hottest months of summer, or when equipment is taken off-line for scheduled maintenance. Usage varies with temperature and season, but Palm Ranch customers collectively consume and average of 2 million gallons of water daily.