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Palm Ranch Irrigation District
News Letter

Important Notice!


This is a notice to new customers, and a reminder to existing customers;

On March I 0, 2004 Palm Ranch Irrigation District revised the procedure and fees due for customers
whose account is delinquent to the point of service disconnection. The new
procedure is as follows: 

1. You will receive a bill on or near the 1st of the month. due by the 25th. 

2.  On the 26th your account will be assessed a past due penalty amounting to 10% of the balance on the account.
You will also receive a Past Due
I Termination of Service notice by mail, allowing you an additional 15 days
to reconcile
your bill or make payment arrangements. This notice will also include payment options, and details regarding your account. 
3.  Near the end of the 15 additional days, you will receive a 48-hour warning in the mail detailing the Termination
of Service, billing details, and again payment options

Delinquent accounts create substantial extra work for all of the District staff, and is unfair to our customers who pay on time.
If, after all of the required efforts to make contact with
you fail and your Water Service is terminated in addition to the full
balance due, there
will be a $100.00 reconnection fee added to your total amount due, to restore Water Service to your account.

To avoid this costly mistake, please take time to update your contact information with us, review your account, ask questions etc.
If you need to make payment arrangements, you can avoid penalties and late fees by calling us before your bill is past due.



Peter Tuculet

General Manager